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Welcome to MidBergen Communities. Please bear with us about the slowness of updates; we are busy in the process of moving over to a new system, and will be moved in by the end of February. Please don't register until we have moved, as we will be restarting the forums, and adding in comments for the various stories. We wll be adding in new features; watch this space.

We are a community service, covering the towns and boroughs of mid-Bergen county (hence the name of the site). We are currently working with(in alphabetical order), Bergenfield, Dumont, Haworth, New Milford, River Edge, and Oradell. Feel free to explore around. The discussion forums are open (registration is required to prevent spamming). The purposes of this site are educational in nature: to make residents more aware of resources available in our area, notably events, organizations, locally owned businesses, and government services. We therefore concentrate on features; including articles written with the help of representatives of local businesses and organizations. (if you want your business featured, and have a good idea for an article, don't hesitate to contact us).

If you have an event coming up, please submit them to the community calendar (please write us at webmaster@midbergen.com, if you want to post an event). The site will remain completely free of charge for the time being; if pay services come in the future, anything that is currently here will remain free of charge. In addition, any funds received over and above  expenses will be used to help local not-for-profit organizations.

There are free classified ads in the discussion forums. We are building a directory of local businesses. If you want your business to be included (there is no charge for a basic listing if you are in one of the six boroughs), please send the name of your business, its website (if any) its address, phone number, hours, and what kind of business it is to webmaster@midbergen.com.).

This site is currently run by residents of the area, which we hope will differentiate us from nationally run sites only interested in advertising dollars (and it also means that we won't disappear if ad dollars aren't there). If you want to make any suggestions, comments, or, especially, complaints, you can reach us publicly in the support forum, or email us at webmaster@midbergen.com in any case.

Bart Lidofsky - Webmaster

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Events: A Baronfest at Historic New Bridge Landing

News about local events

Baron Friedrich von Steuben, who brought Prussian military training and discipline to the American troops during the Revolutionary War, is honored every year around his September 17th birthday with Von Steuben Day. And what better place to honor it than Historic New Bridge Landing, where Von Steuben was given The Steuben House as a gift for his contributions, and where it stands to this day. And, as beer is often served in honor of the good Baron, the Bergen County Historical Society celebrated it on September 13, 2014. There were threats of rain, but they held it anyway; the rain, luckily, was brief and light, and did bog down the festival.

Published: Sep 15, 2014 - 08:26 PM
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Events: Dumont Day 2014

News about local events

Sometimes, rain can be a good thing. Or at least it appeared that way, as on September 6th, the annual Dumont Day celebration got rained out, only to come back, bigger than ever, with the weather sunny and beautiful, on September 7th. But enough with words; take a look for yourself:

Published: Sep 09, 2014 - 03:37 PM
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Events: The 15th Annual Andiamo Run, 2014, Part II

News about local events

The Andiamo Run completed successfully just after noon on September 7th, and the party in the parking lot of the Andiamo Restaurant. This reporter was not on the Run, itself, (but you can read about it in Part 1 of the article), so, once again, was the very first person to purchase a ticket for the party. And a great party it was.

Published: Sep 09, 2014 - 10:13 AM
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Events: The 15th Annual Andiamo Run, 2014, Part I

News about local events

Every year, we have signs that summer is ending. We have the migrating birds. We have the leaves changing color. We have Labor Day. And, in Haworth, we have the annual Andiamo Motorcycle Run. For 15 years, riders have been taking their bikes from the Andiamo restaurant, across the George Washington Bridge, and back to a great party, all for the sake of raising money for worthy causes. And the smell of burning gasoline was in the air, as the riders started gathering on Hardenburgh Avenue, getting ready for the Run. The weather, as has been since the start of the Run, was sunny and pleasant.

Published: Sep 09, 2014 - 10:08 AM
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Events: Variety Show at Calvary Church

News about local events

Calvary Church in Dumont has a long history of raising money for worthy causes; on Saturday, August 23rd, they continued the tradition, with a variety show consisting of a combinaton of featured artists and an open mic, with plenty of talent to go around.

Published: Aug 26, 2014 - 04:58 PM
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Events: National Night Out 2014

News about local events

Since 1984, people in communities across the United States have bonded together, the first Tuesday in the month of August, for a National Night Out, a night dedicated to people in communities joining with local law enforcement and refusing to buckle down to crime. There are many ways of celebrating it, and New Milford has made it a general town day.

Published: Aug 07, 2014 - 03:36 PM
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Events: The Annual Filipino Festival Returns to Bergenfield

News about local events

In 2009, in Bergenfield, we had the 8th Annual Filipino Heritage Festival. Even though it did very well (not surprising, considering the rather large Filipino population of Bergenfield), it did not occur again. But the Filipino American Festival, Inc. with the cooperation of the Borough of Bergenfield, got together and brought the new festival back to Bergenfield on Sunday, July 13, 2014.

Published: Jul 15, 2014 - 03:36 PM
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